Christian Dating And Sex, How Far Is Too Far?

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Christian Dating And Sex

When you are involved in a Christian dating relationship and become curious about the physical side of things, you more than likely have asked yourself this before, how far is too far?  Well part of the answer is be careful!
Even the mere thought of asking this question could be an indicator towards you heading for trouble, or you could already be in this dangerous territory already.

The mere fact that some people are asking this question raises warnings as they are seemingly seeking permission, another way to put it is that they wonder just what they may be able to get away with.

The real question Christians who are involved in Christian dating should be asking is:

“How can I honor and glorify God within our relationship?”
To be fair though not everyone is able to do the right thing when it comes to this area of their Christian dating relationship, many find it extremely difficult and challenging to wait until their wedding night!

Let us explore this subject in more detail.

As true Christians you must have clear and defined physical boundaries which must not be crossed until you are married. Although there is some flexibility within these Christian dating boundaries, for the most these should be set as non-negotiable.
Regarding kissing, you must ensure that it does not get too heated or passionate, always remember that kissing above the neck should be a boundary which is one not to be negotiated on.  Before you know it this could easily lead to more and this would be a boundary crossed.

Extended kissing on the neck, ears and lips will leave a person in a state of heightened passion, therefore you should avoid this at all times.
So what does this leave you free to do?  Well, not too much really and that is the way it is meant to be for a Christian remaining strong within their Christian dating relationship.
Short and light pecks on the cheeks of the face or lips is acceptable as long as it is not repeated over and over.

Holding hands and having your arms around each other is also fine but beware not to let your limbs wander and touch your partners “sensitive” body parts “by accident”.  A helpful reminder to keep your purity in these areas is to think about how special your wedding night will be when you can both enjoy the release of all that saved passion for one another!

Christian Dating And Sex

It is highly important to avoid all temptations that may lead you into crossing the boundaries of Christian dating, you should also think about other guidelines to set relating to your interactions with your partner, suggested below are things to consider helping you in maintaining your purity and avoid from leading one another into troubled areas.

  • When together with your Christian partner, don’t spend too much time alone, try to spend it together with other people such as friends or by being in public places.
  • Avoid being together alone late in the night as you will be at your weakest and most vulnerable, you may well be too tired to resist anything that gets a little too passionate.
  • Sit up together rather than laying down beside or on top of one another!
  • You should both independently have someone to whom you remain accountable and truthful to, who will check with you regularly that your Christian dating relationship is remaining pure.
  • Praying together is lovely, however try and do your praying alone as it is a form of intimacy, if you do pray together never let it lead to anything else.

Trusting that you will see these few suggestions are aids to helping your relationship to remain pure, remember that you should never feel regret towards saving all the physical aspects of your relationship with your Christian partner until are married as you will be more than glad you did.  You will also feel richly blessed by Him for His gift of your mate.


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